Getting Started With Your PLR Profit Plan


How To Get Started With Your PLR Profit Plan

So if you have made the decision to build your business using PLR (Private Label Rights) starting with your PLR profit plan is key to starting off the right way, chances are you probably already have a stack of it that you have paid for go through that before anything else, check your hard drives and folders dropbox before continuing with your PLR profit plan.

Using Cloud Storage

If you have a plan for how you want to use the content before you buy it will help shortcut your progress make sure not to underestimate this simple process.

Use a Cloud Storage For Your PLR

Using a good cloud host for your PLR Profit Plan

To make sure you don’t loose your content using a paid cloud storage is a smart option for files dropbox google drive or something similar to start you can go for the free versions but upgrading is something you want to do when possible for customer care and backups.

Setup Your Filing System

This is one of the most important parts of your PLR plan

Setup your folders efficiently with a system that makes the most sense to you when naming the folders so you can find what you need quickly by searching for the keyword in the folder names.

Put some thought in to this in the beginning to help streamline this for the future. When naming your files think about different ways you might want to categorize the information.

getting-started-with-your-plr-profit-plan/Setup Filing System

For example You may want to organize emails, youtube videos, blog posts etc separately. Make a note of this for your file naming system for future reference

Keep a Record Of What You Have Published

When you publish something from your PLR plan keep it documented

Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the edited content you have published and where you have polished it how you have repurposed it etc keep track of everything on the spreadsheet, or even right on the document inside the file or both,

getting-started-with-your-plr-profit-plan/Keep Track Of Your Published Content

make notes on the edited content that you’ve published. For example, you might note on a particular blog post that you sent it to your blog, added it to your email broadcast, and turned it into a YouTube topic.

Delete The Content That You Are Not Using

If you have content that you are not using or you have read through and it is not relevant ditch it strait up one thing i have learnt is don’t get attached to products or content don’t be a hoarder this will hold you back and clutter your brain delete it.


Once you have setup your content and having a system in place you will find being organized is going to help your efficiency skyrocket.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to start just having some sort of system in place is going to help you kill the procrastination and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Over time you can tweak it as you go but getting something in place will help you to get going faster

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